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What is LavaRnd?

LavaRnd is a Random Number Generator

LavaRnd uses chaotic sources such as this webcam CCD chip
Logitech QuickCam 3000 Pro CCD

LavaRnd is a cryptographically sound random number generator. At its heart, it uses a chaotic source to power the generation of very high quality random numbers.

At the core of almost every security system are secrets. In the real world, as well as the digital, if secrets are discovered all can be lost. Random numbers are used as secrets in on-line services on the Internet. LavaRnd provides an unlimited supply of unpredictable random numbers.

Open source: allows you to freely use, modify, sell, or give away software.

Anyone can have their own LavaRnd: The LavaRnd source code is open source. Our reference implementation uses low cost consumer parts. LavaRnd related algorithms have been released into the public domain.

What is next?

BTW: LavaRndtm does not use LAVA LITE ® lamps. LAVA LITE lamps were used in SGI classic lavarandtm. See the difference between SGI classic lavarand and our LavaRnd for details. For information on what LavaRnd does use, see the LavaRnd process in detail.

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