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Download LavaRnd Source

The reference implementation comes in 3 parts:

  1. LavaRnd-lib - Client side C API, Daemon libs, misc utility libs
  2. LavaRnd-perllib - Perl API
  3. LavaRnd-daemon - lavapool & trickle daemon

LavaRnd SourceForge project

There exists a LavaRnd SourceForge project.

LavaRnd source may be downloaded form the LavaRnd files SourceForge project page.

See the collection of README files for information about the current release.

See the Contacting us page for information on how to submit bug reports, patches, to contribute code, and obtain release information. Bug reports, support requests, patch tracking and new feature requests may be submitted to the SourceForge project trackers.

The SourceForge project contains several forums and trackers used by developers: See the Contacting us page for details.

About the LavaRnd source

The reference implementation of LavaRnd has been alpha released. It is currently running the demos for this site.

To help make the source code for the LavaRnd reference implementation widely available, we have made use of the LGPL Copyright and License. The LavaRnd reference implementation consists of source code that is under an LGPL and source code which is declared to be in the public domain. Details of this combination can be found in our COPYING file.

To be notified of new LavaRnd releases, join the LavaRnd-release mailing list.

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