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Care and Feeding of LAVA Lite®lamps

First a disclaimer ...

This page is NOT about LavaRnd. Be sure and see our LavaRnd web site!

SGI, and SGI Classic lavarandtm do NOT manufacture, market or sell LAVA LITE lamps. SGI does NOT service or repair LAVA LITE lamps. SGI simply used six LAVA LITE lamps in their lavarandtm setup.

Our LavaRndtm is not the same as SGI Classic lavarand.

LavaRnd does NOT manufacture, market or sell LAVA LITE lamps. LavaRnd does NOT service or repair LAVA LITE lamps. We simply have two LAVA LITE lamps in the field of our camera.

You should contact Lava World International for a list of LAVA LITE lamp dealers in your area, or for any LAVA LITE lamp service related issue.

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General Do's and Don'ts of LAVA LITE lamps

What the LAVA LITE lamp is a low maintenance item, it should be treated with some care. Abusing the lamp can ruin it, permanently. In addition to the instructions that come with each LAVA LITE lamp, here is a list of do's and don'ts that we practiced at SGI. While we make no guarantees regarding our practices, our experience suggests that not following them leads to trouble.

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How to deal with a stuck light bulb

Once in a while you will find that the appliance bulb inside your LAVA LITE lamp does not want to come out. This sometimes happens due to the heating and cooling of the base, even when you do not screw the appliance bulb in tight in the first place. You can extract the bulb, and with a little care you can get it out.

Note that we are not responsible for what may happen with this procedure. You are on your own here ...

  1. Unplug your lamp!!!
  2. If it is warm, wait until it is cold to the touch
  3. Put on safely goggles and work gloves
  4. Remove the glass part and set it aside in a safe place
  5. Stuff the base of the lamp with newspaper
  6. Slip a large flat edge screw driver as far as it can go between the edge of the base and the appliance bulb
  7. Make sure that the news paper is still packed inside the base so that glass will not fly out and hit you
  8. Twist the screw driver 90 degrees so that it breaks the appliance bulb
  9. Carefully dispose of the newspaper and pour out the glass from the broken appliance bulb
  10. Use a long nosed pliers to grab the remainder of the appliance bulb
  11. Carefully twist out the bottom of the broken appliance bulb
  12. Carefully dispose of the rest of the broken appliance bulb and any remaining broken glass
  13. Put in a new appliance bulb of the same type and wattage
  14. Carefully replace the glass top

Your LAVA LITE lamp should be ready to operate again.

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Why do you call them LAVA LITE lamps?

We call them ``LAVA LITE lamps'' because that is what they are called! The term LAVA LITE is a registered trademark of Haggerty Enterprises, Inc. Haggerty has asked SGI to call call them LAVA LITE lamps, and we suggest that you do the same.

The LAVA LITE lamp is a kind of lamp. In fact, they are a particular type of lamp. The name of their lamp type is LAVA LITE. Haggerty requests that their trademark be spelled with an upper case ``L''.

While we are on the topic of trademarks, please be respectful of their trademark! Notice the trademark example at the bottom of this page. Also notice that we use a ® after the first use of the term LAVA LITE or after the first picture of a LAVA LITE lamp. For example:

LAVA LITE ® lamp

Again, we urge you to be respectful of the Haggerty trademark. The folks at Haggerty are very cool folks. Some people try to rip them off, and that is not cool.

And just to be clear, the following names should not be used:

This is what you should use:

Enough said ...

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