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Contacting LavaRnd

LavaRnd SourceForge project

The LavaRnd developer community is centered around the SourceForge LavaRnd project.

LavaRnd source may be downloaded form the SourceForge project page.

The SourceForge project contains several forums used by developers:

The SourceForge project page allows you to report bugs, request support, track patches, and request features. One may both browse and submit to these trackers:

To be notified when LavaRnd releases are available, please subscribe to the:


mailing list.

General LavaRnd EMail:

If you want to communicate with us privately, send EMail to:

  • LavaRnd General EMail address

The LavaRnd inventors:

Web site editors:

LavaRnd Physical Address:

LavaRnd Postal Address and Phone number
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