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LavaRnd tally statistics

The following are tally statistics pool of 4000k bytes of LavaRnd data.

The following movies show how the 4 and 8 bit tally statistics have changed over the last 24 hours:
magnified 4 bit stat movie magnified 8 bit stat movie

Be sure to let the entire animated GIF download to see the full 24 hour effect.

Every 864 seconds, 40k bytes of the pool is replaced with new LavaRnd data so that the entire pool is changed about every 24 hours. A new set of tally statistics is computed each time new data is added.

The large number in the corner is the frame number. Frame 00 represents the first frame produced when the pool was started. The movie begins with the frame number produced 24 hours ago, and ends with the most recent frame number. For this reason, the movie usually does not start with frame 00 and end with frame 99.

The following images show the most recent 4 and 8 bit tally statistics:

magnified 4 bit stat current tally magnified 8 bit stat current tally

The following shows how the count of 1 bits has changed over the last 24 hours (100 frames):

magnified count of 1 bits over entire day

The plots above has been magnified to show the small, random deviations from the mean. You can see why we present a magnified view by looking at this unmagnified view of the same data.

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