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CorpSpeak information

CorpSpeak wanted: We welcome your suggestions for additional buzzwords, key CorpSpeak phrases and management jargon. But first, check the current vocabulary and sentence files to see what we already have on file. Send your suggestions (hopefully formatted in the format of the appropriate file) to LavaRnd CorpSpeak EMail address.

Important note:You must include the word vocabulary somewhere in the subject line when sending EMail to that address.

We want to expand the capabilities of the CorpSpeak demo by permitting you to select from one of several types of jargon. Currently only high-tech silicon valley type memos are being generated because we only have one vocabulary and sentence file set. We would welcome someone developing a different set of vocabulary and sentence files.

We welcome submissions based on different types of jargon e.g., medical, aerospace, legal, etc., to the above EMail address. Volunteers are welcome.

Credits and thanks: The CorpSpeak program is based on code written by Chris Pirazzi. Be sure to see his new corpspeak generator.

Also, thanks goes to Kam Kashani for the pointers to the original software as well as supplying the original vocabulary and sentence file content.

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